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Differentiated Lessons Designed for High School Courses

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Academic Vocabulary Word Sort (Susan Hankins-Neas)

The Crucible Think-Tac-Toe

Harrison Bergeron Tiered (Susan Hankins-Neas)

Literature Circles and Multiple Intelligences (Ashley Million) 

A Modest Proposal Think-Tac-Toe (Ashley Million and Pat Hughes)

Romeo and Juliet Think-Tac-Toe

Scarlet Letter Think-Tac-Toe (Shannon Duer)                            

A Separate Peace ThinkTacToe (Susan Hankins-Neas)

A Separate Peace Raft Review (Susan Hankins-Neas)  

A Separate Peace Portfolio Project  

Short Story Anchor Activities  (Susan Hankins-Neas)

Reasoning (Susan Hankins-Neas)

Novel Tiered

Persuasive Writing  (Susan Hankins-Neas) 

Poetry Tiered

To Kill a Mockinbird Think-Tac-Toe (The Shannons, Hayes and Duer)

Tech. Courses

Career Exploration - Product/Interest (Melissa Babb)


Foreign Language   

Latin ThinkTacToe (Susan Hankins-Neas)  

Latin Review (Susan Hankins-Neas)

Latin Grammar Raft (Susan Hankins-Neas)

French RAFT

Spanish RAFT     

Spanish Dinner Menu

Tiered Caesar Assignment (Susan Hankins-Neas)

Social Studies

Dawn of Civilization Think-Tac-Toe (Deborah Patten)

Declaration of Ind. Think-Tac-Toe

Homework Think-Tac-Toe (Deborah Patten)

Impact of  Cold War ThinkTacToe (Deborah Patten)

Jigsaw for American History (Deborah Patten)

RAFTS and Automatic Online Creator

The Constitution RAFT

Formative Assessments

Fine Arts

Art Think-Tac-Toe

Music Think-Tac-Toe

Musical Dynamic Think-Tac-Toe (Kathy May)




Student Self-Assessment (Johnny Painter)

Algebra II Tiered

Calculus Tiered Mean Value Theroem

Math Think-Tac-Toe  

Pre-calculus Tiered Functions 

RAFTS and Automatic Online Creator        

Fraction    RAFT 

Exit Questions            



DNA Raft

Photosynthesis Dinner Menu

RAFTS and Automatic Online Creator

Ion Propulsion RAFT

ANY Course

RAFT Rubric , RAFT detailed rubric

Online RAFT Interactive  form

Learning Centers for Fiction/Nonfiction

Mulitple Intelligences, Learning Profiles, and YOU (Susan Hankins-Neas)



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