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Testing, Assessment, and Common Core

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Testing and Assessment

Testing and Assessment

  Common Core 

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Jefferson County's Testing Site

Pearson Access has online practices tests.

Instructions for accessing:

To preview or administer a Practice Test or Item Sampler, click on this link. At the top of the page next to "View by:" choose "Achievement" or "EOC." Select the desired Practice Test or Item sampler and launch the ePAT.

In addition to the ePATS, you will find corresponding Teacher Guides that include directions for administering the ePATs, sample score reports, and charts for each test that provide Answer Keys, Reporting Categories, and Performance Indicators (in Item Samplers) for each item tested. The student score reports can be compared against the Reporting Categories and Performance Indicators so that you can identify strengths and weaknesses based on correct/incorrect responses.

If you have any technical questions, please contact Pearson's Help Desk at 888-817-8658, or by email at