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GHS Racing Team

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The Greeneville High School Racing Team has it's own site.   Check them out on Twitter too! (@ghsracing).

Here is some quick information on the current car:

  • Honda GX160 engine
  • Chromolly (Chromium & Molybdenum reinforced Steel) chassis
  • Aluminium frame & transparent polymer body
  • Mid engine/Rear Wheel Drive layout
  • Weight: ~120 pounds
  • Top Speed: ~35mph
  • Last Year’s Fuel Consumption: ~350-400 miles per gallon (standard gasoline)
  • 3 Wheels – Two front provide steering; One rear provides power
  • No A/C, radio, leather, shocks, or cup holders… but it does have a sport seat
  • Fits one adult (under 6 feet tall & fairly trim)
  • WIP – AWDD (Adaptive Wheel-to-Drivetrain Decoupling) technology to further improve efficiency