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Instructional Technology

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 Microsoft in Education

 Presentation and Project Tools

Using Technology for Assessment

 Tools for Collaboration

  • Corkboard is like Wallwisher, but no logon is required. You can embed or send the link.
  • CoSketchis another whiteboard that you can collaborate on to visualize your ideas and share them as images.
  • EditGridis an online spreadsheet. You can share the spreadsheet with other users; many users can edit at the same time.
  • Google Moderator
  • Gliffy: Collaborative graphic organizers
  • FlockDrawis a free, real-time web based painting/drawing tool.
  • Idroo - collaborative whiteboard
  • ImaginationCubedis a multi-user drawing tool.
  • Mindmeister is an online collaborative mindmapping tool with which you can brainstorm with others in real time.
  • PrimaryPadis another collaborative tool for schools. It's a Web-based processor for collaborating with students in real time.
  • Protagonize is a community that writes collaborative interactive fiction. One person starts the story, and others post chapters to the story that lead it in different directions.
  • Stixylets you create online bulletin boards.
  • StoryBirds are short, simple stories that connect you with others.
  • TypeWithMe is collaborative text synchronized as you type.
  • Twitter and How to Use it in the Classroom
  • Creative uses for Twitter
  • Online bulletin/discussion board? Try WallWisher.
  • Writeboard : example
  • You've got a whiteboardwith DabbleBoard
  • Online file sharing and collaboration by Windows




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GHS Weekly Countdown  Tech. Publications. 

GHS Programs (Yes, we use cell phones.)

Do Just About Anything to Your School InSite Page:

Instructions and FAQs for  Windows 7                                              

Tools for New Teachers:

Fun and Free

Photos and Videos

  • Troovi is a site for your students to upload photos from their phones directly to your troovi site.  No log on required. 
  • Animoto - make videos using their photos and music or your own
  • Creaza- has online video editing tools where Flip videos can be uploaded for easy manipulation. Creaza also has a wonderful alternative for GarageBand and a rather incredible comic creator.
  • PhotoStory3 (example)
  • OneTrueMedia, An online photo gallery that turns your photos into a polished video
  • Videos from PPT Slides or any Images
  • Xtranormal - make animated movies, quick start guide
  • Voice Thread and How to Make One( vodcasting) Use Voice Thread (and there's an app) to post videos and PPTs allowing students to comment on them.


Use Promethean with or without the board: (Thanks, Jill!)

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