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Greeneville High School's Code of Conduct
Posted On:
Friday, October 22, 2010



The Greeneville City School System maintains high expectations that our students will conduct themselves appropriately at all times. At the heart of the Code of Behavior and Discipline are the virtues found in our character education program. Students are expected to use the Character Education Virtues of the Greeneville City School System to model positive Behavior. In order to assist student, parents, teachers, and administrators understand what is expected by positive behavior, the Character Education Virtues are defined as follows:


KINDNESS- The desire to show genuine sympathy and interest on others' well-being.

COURTESY- The ability to display positive behaviors that may be interpreted as being considerate, respectful, generous, polite and mannerly in school, home and community.

FAIRNESS/JUSTICE- The conviction to consider the individual work of each citizen as an important contribution to the common good of the school or the community.

HONESTY- The conviction to say and/or do the morally right thing, regardless of public rejection.

SELF-DISCIPLINE- The ability to control one's self for the sake of improvement.

RESPECT- The recognition of the basic worth and value of all human beings, which results in an individual relating to others in a manner which reflects dignity and honors humanity.

COURAGE- The internal strength to actively support convictions and beliefs.

PERSEVERANCE- The ability to pursue worthwhile goals in spite of obstacles and distractions.

SELF-RESPECT- The ability to use a belief in self-worth to recognize that choices exist in all situations and to resist negative peer pressure in making positive choices.



In order to insure that students behave in an appropriate manner and to insure that all students and teachers can learn and teach in a safe school environment, the Greeneville City Board of Education has established a Code of Behavior and Discipline. Teachers, administrators or any school personnel are authorized to take just and reasonable measures to establish effective school discipline. The authority to control student behavior shall be extended to buses and all activities of the school. Each school principal shall be responsible for implementation and administration in his/her school. He/she shall apply the Code of Behavior and Discipline uniformly and fairly to each student at the school without partiality or discrimination.

Students will receive punishment ranging from a verbal reprimand to the zero-tolerance policy being applied depending on the severity and nature of the misbehavior. Infractions are as follows:

•1.      Assaulting a principal, teacher, or student or any school employee with vulgar, obscene or threatening language;

•2.      Immoral or disreputable conduct toward a principal, teacher, or any school employee;

•3.      Engaging in fighting; Violence or threatened violence against the person or property of any personnel or any student attending or assigned to any school;

•4.       Possession of a pistol, gun or firearm on school property;

•5.      Possession of a knife or other weapons, etc., as defined in TCA 39-6-170, on school property;

•6.      Willful or malicious damage to the theft of real or personal property of the school or the property of any person attending or assigned to the school;

•7.      Unlawful use or possession of barbital or legend drugs as defined in TCA 53-10-101;

•8.      Unlawful use or possession of alcohol;

•9.      The sale or distribution of drugs and alcohol;

•10.   Engaging in behavior which disrupts a class or school-sponsored activity;

•11.   Assault or battery on school employees;

•12.   Willful and persistent violation of the rules of the school or truancy;

•13.   Off-Campus criminal behavior resulting in felony charges or when such behavior poses a danger to persons or property or disrupts the educational process;

•14.   Use of or the unlawful possession of tobacco;

•15.   Any other conduct prejudicial to good order or discipline in the school.


In order to assure a safe and secure learning environment free of drugs, violence, and dangerous weapons,

any student who engages in the following behaviors will be subject to suspension for a period of not less

than one (1) calendar year. Expelled means removed from the pupil's regular school or removed from

school attendance all together. Nothing in this code shall be constructed to prohibit the assignment of

expelled students to the alternative school. The director of schools shall have the authority to modify this

expulsion requirement on a case-by-case basis. Zero tolerance acts are as follows:

1. Who brings a drug, drug paraphernalia, or a dangerous weapon onto a school bus, onto school property or to any school event or activity; or

2. Who, while on a school bus, on school property or while attending any school event or activity:

a. Is under the influence of a drug; or

b. Possesses a drug, drug paraphernalia or dangerous weapon; or

c. Assaults or threatens to assault a teacher, student or other person.

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