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Cynthia Propst Staff Photo

Educational/Professional Background

 Biology I & Physical Science - West Greene High School (2013-2015)

Biology I, Biology II, Honors Human Anatomy & Physiology, & AP Biology Teacher- Sullivan Central HS -(2010-2013)

 7th & 8th grade Middle School Science Teacher - Sevier Middle School, Kingsport, TN - (2007-2010)

 Bachelor of Science from Milligan College - 2006          

Graduated from Sullivan South HS- 1999    


                Though I am a new Green Devil to the school, this will be my eleventh year teaching.  I grew up on a small farm with my family in Greene County and was no stranger to hard work.  My family raised cattle, horses, pigs, goats, chickens and a few less domesticated animals.  I helped out in our neighbor's tobacco crops, raised chickens for 4-H and just enjoyed being an good 'ol fashioned country girl.  In 1999, I graduated from Sullivan South HS, joined the Army Reserves and married my high school sweet heart.  In 2004, I finished my service in the Army as a Sergeant.  In 2006, I received my B.S. degree from Milligan College.  Today, my husband of 15 years and two little girls call Greeneville City home. I love to read anything I can get my hands on and if it is dorky I am sure to love it.  I have worked in several local city and county school systems getting opportunities to teach Biology I, Biology II, Physical Science, Honors Human Anatomy & Physiology and  AP Biology. I value hard work and self discipline above academic achievement any day.  The students at Greeneville High School have been absolutely wonderful to work with as have the parents and the faculty of the school.  I am looking forward to an exciting year full of new challenges and opportunities.

Educational Philosophy
      Students often ask me “Why do we need this, when will I ever use this?”  I reply “We have 4 core subjects for a reason.  We need English so we can communicate effectively with reading and writing.  We need Math; as it is the language of the universe and is involved in everything we use in our daily lives.  We need History; because if we do not know what happened in the past, then we will be destined to repeat it in the future.  We need Science; because everything we have in our daily lives was made by science and all of the previous core subjects came about due to science reasoning and the human thought process and our quest for knowledge to learn all that is learnable and to reach for our very existence and survival in the infinite unknown called The Universe.  Knowledge is a powerful thing, it rules the world and allows us to become anything we choose, and literally to reach for the stars.  An old NBC commercial ends with “The more you know, the further you go”.  I truly believe this with all of my reasoning.  How About You?