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"We R GHS" defines the term unity as "oneness of mind, as among a number of persons." Unity... that is what our rally cry of "We R GHS" has come to mean to us at Greeneville High School this year. It is not an absence of diversity or conformity of opinions, for we are diverse and hold many different opinions within the GHS family. However, remembering our past heritage of excellence, understanding the expectations of who we are in the present, and working together for individual and school success in the future encompass the unifying message of "We R GHS."

We are living up to these expectations and have enjoyed a wonderful fall semester together. GHS students are exhibiting excellence in a myriad of ways; in the classroom with good work ethics and study habits, in the hallways with respectful behavior, winning championships with sportsmanship in athletics, and scoring at the highest levels in band, chorus, and academic competitions. School spirit is alive and well at GHS and we are proud to be "Greene Devils" and wave the green and white spirit flag.

I am extremely honored to have the opportunity to experience these successes with the students and staff of GHS and I look forward to many more in the future. However, I am most proud of the accomplishments that regularly take place at GHS that do not make the local news. The real meaning of "We R GHS" is that we care about and take care of one another and others. This fall GHS students and teachers have given pounds of canned goods to the local food bank, the gift of life in the form of pints of blood through a Red Cross blood drive, Thanksgiving meals to many families who might have gone hungry, and toys to Gifts for Kids to help make sure that Santa comes to all Greene County children. Our recent "P.J.'s for Payton" and "Tops for Terrell" events to raise funds for two of our own students who are fighting battles with cancer exemplify who "we r" at GHS.

Let's all remember that it's not only about how many "A's" are on our grade cards, how many games or competitions we win, or how many scholarships we earn. As important as all of those things are, it's really about who we are as a school community growing into caring and responsible citizens. So far, "we r" doing a great job!