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The purpose of our communication is multifold.  Initially, students are remembering our GHS alumni/alumnae as they serve our country with contacts from home.  Next, students are gaining valuable information about military life as a basis for future literature selections, either in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade English classes.  Students are practicing their English and technology skills and earning grades as they work; finally, the students are giving our alumni/alumnae a voice in reliving memories of their days at Greeneville High School.

    We have a student-safe blog where students and military personnel may communicate.

GHS alumni/alumnae Branch of Military Graduating GHS class
Col. Rolando Castro, Jr. United States Army class of 1976
MSgt, Douglas Burt TN. Air National Guard class of 1979
CW02 Glenn J. Miller U.S.Marine Corps class of 1992
Captain Matthew Cook   U.S. Marine Corps class of 1997 

Captain Jay S. Burns

United States Army class of 1998
Captain Brian D. Benton U.S.Air Force class of 1999
1st Lt. Jared Stokes U.S. Marine Corps class of 2000
Corporal Nicholas Fillers U.S. Marine Corps class of 2001
Captain Matthew T. Fletcher  United States Army class of 2002
Airman First Class Steven L. Ayers U.S. Air Force class of 2003 
Senior Airman Robyn Wilcox Henderson U.S. Air Force class of 2004 
2nd Lt. Christopher Day  U.S. Marine Corps class of 2004 
Seaman Apprentice De'ron Hackler  U.S. Navy class of 2005
LCPL Tony Price U.S. Marine Corps  class of 2005
Corporal John Burnett U.S. Marine Corps class of 2006
Senior Airman Dustin Castle U.S. Air Force class of 2006
Cadet Alexander E. Small West Point class of 2010 class of 2006 
Cadet Caleb Onkst West Point class of 2012 class of 2008
Lcpl. Jedidiah Jones U.S.Marine Corps. class of 2009
Lcpl. Class Max Street U.S. Marine Corps. class of 2009

    We, the faculty and staff of Greeneville High School, thank all our graduates who have served or are currently serving our country.   If you know of an alumnus/alumna who is currently on active military duty, please contact Mrs. Susan Neas Hankins with information.  Many others have been contacted, but they have not responded.