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National Science Digital Library   

NAEP - math activities, solutions, test questions, national report card

NAEP - activities, solutions, test questions, national report card                                                                                 

Molecular Workbench-interactive simulations

Khan Academy - short instructional videos and practice questions

Shodor -great for the difficult Understandings

Bio-Alive-Science/Biology videos

Phet  Interactive-Research-based, interactive simulations

Access Excellence:  Fantastic biology and biotechnology lesson plans and projects!

Biology Sites:     A page created by Staples High School.  Links, practice quizzes.

Chemistry sites from Morehead College:     Sites evaluated by Morehead for use by high school chemistry teachers and students. 

The Exploratorium:  Take a virtual visit to this popular art and science museum. Great interactive exhibits!

How Stuff Works:  "Science explains and demystifies the world through the objective of gathering and analyzing data. Explore the natural world, engineering, space, military technology, physics and even supernatural phenomena." 

Interactive 3-D modules -download the free player and all modules can be manipulated

National Science Foundation:   government site 

National Science Teachers Association:  Everything for teaching science at all levels.

Online Science Lab:  Links for students, resources for teachers, podcasts. 

PBS Science:  Great site for videos and TV specials    

Scientific America:  Chemistry, Math, Physics, Biology, etc.   has some annoying pop ups   

Science Gems:  "For students, parents, teachers, scientists, engineers and mathematicians.
More than 14,000 Science Resources sorted by Category, Subcategory, and Grade Level."

Science Museums:  Smithsonian Institution , St. Louis Science Center , Museum of Science, Boston , Carnegie Science Center , The Tech Museum of Innovation , Franklin Institute Science Museum 

Science Net Link:  "Internet-based learning activities, Engaging interactive activities and suggestions for using them, Podcasts, Reviewed websites to support standards-based teaching and learning.

Writing about Science - Great ideas!


Math Courses:  Online Math courses, interactives, lessons, quizzes. Excellent resource from Henrico County.

Math Flipcharts grades 1-5

Math Resources grades 1-5

Problem to Ponder from the NCTM president

Tammy Jones' GCSchools Drop Box

Khan Academy - short instructional videos and practice questions

NSA Math Concept Units, student-centered lessons with differentiation ideas

Math Forum and Ask Dr. Math: great for students and teachers

The Futures Channel/Hands-on Math: Some free stuff like lessons and videos.  SIgn up for the newsletter for more free materials.

Cut the Knot: Interactive mathematics collection and puzzles for " engaging mathematics"

National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM),: great interactive content for students. real-world applications, excellent place for students to find inspiration for projects.

Shodor: Lessons and interactives

NAEP - math activities, solutions, test questions, national report card

Algebra Lab: an online learning environment that focuses on topics and skills from high school mathematics that students must be able to draw upon in their introductory science courses. Since math is the language of science, science courses are often where students first realize "Oh, so this is why we learned that in algebra ..."

Math is Fun:  Illustrated math dictionary, lessons for algebra, measurement, geometry, graphics are a bit young

Jefferson County Math Sites List: tons of sites!

Finance Freak:  recommended site that teaches about stocks, banking, retirement, etc. has a very busy background and an  annoying mouse effect  The usual good stuff like lessons, resources, professional development, games, work sheets

Bilngual Math Dictionary : The information is through, demonstrative, and accurate. It also includes extensive resources on mathematics history.

The Math Website: resources for teachers, students, as well as parents, lessons, puzzles, activities, and games that can be used in all levels of mathematics, 'math gadgets' to customize your own website with puzzles, humor, and riddles."

Texas Instruments:  Lessons and activities to use with your TI calculator, weekly lessons and activities can be emailed.

Internet4classrooms :  103 math activities, sites, and/or lessons for high school math subjects

Nrich :  Specialists in rich mathematics, great resources to use in the classroom

Numb3rs :  math activities using the TV show

Math10 Online:  Math Forum Math Books Algebra Problems Geometry Math Tests College Mathematics Math History Games

teAchology - Worksheets and activities for math



Books Should Be Free - audio books

NAEP - activities, solutions, test questions, national report card

R.E.A.D.S.:  Ebooks free with a library card

WEB ENGLISH TEACHER:  Lesson plans, articles, professional development, writing and journalism resources

Writing Fix - great ideas, prompts, lessons

OTTA RAY'S HEAD:  A plethora or lessons and handouts, site was developed by a 30+ year English teacher.

Review Games for Novels    Google Lit Trips

ONLINE BOOKSLitToGo Books Should Be Free

RESEARCH SITES:  Citation Machine,   Easy Bib,   2009 MLA online,   MLA paper template,   Outline Maker,    Outlines Online,   How to Write a Research Paper,   NoodleTools:  Free online software-Bib Express, Database Search, and Easy Search

PLAGIARISM:  Turn It In,   Plagiarism Checker,   Plagiarism Detect


DICTIONARIES  Cool visual dictionary,   Word Central

LITERARY TERMS:  (Many terms but not zeugma) Printable terms (Even zeugma)

HOLT ONLINE TEXT:  You can make generic students with one password to make it easier for students to get online. (User name is hhouse11 through hhouse33,  Password is house)

OTHER TEACHER'S SITES:  Mr. Pogreba,   Ms. Hogue,   Davis School District,   CyberEnglish (Numerous great resources from other English classes, but you'll have to hunt for them.)

AMERICAN RHETORIC:  speeches, movie clips

AMERCIAN LITERATURE:  American Lit.,    Perspectives in American Lit.,   Student-Created, Davis School District (thanks, Kim)

BRITISH LITERATURE:  Davis School District (thanks, Kim),   Victorian Lit. British Life and Culture,   British Customs and Traditions


GRAMMAR:  Reference Desk,   Guide to Grammar and Writing,   The Owl at Purdue (Over 200 resources, MLA, grammar, writing, etc.),   Big Dog Grammar, Pen to Paper (List of common errors with corrections)

POETRY CONTESTS:  Anthology of Poetry,    Lulu PoetryLibrary of Poetry, Poetry Out Loud




STEM: Assessment Collection and Activities! Lesson and Unit Builders

EGFI for Teachers

Dream of the Future


Fuel Our Future

Learning Science

phET interactives

Vernier Resources by Subject

Learn Genetics

Google Earth

Engineer Your Life

NOAA for Educators




Thinkfinity - search by standards

NAEP -  activities, solutions, test questions, national report card

Khan Academy !!!!

SAS Curriculum Pathways greeneteacher - teachergreene, ghsdevil - student

Sullivan County's Assessment Portaportal

Jefferson County's Dynamic Curriculum

Glencoe :  Great sites for virtually every subject!

Top 100 Sites for teachers: Ranked every hour

Interactive Sites for every subject and grade

Shmoop - excellent study guides and resources for history, civics, lit, and AP exams

Best Practices of Technology Integration: detailed lessons incorporating technology of some kind for all subjects, use their lessons or get ideas, Business,  Fine Arts, Integrated Arts, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Special Education, Technology 

Technology Integration:  The computer geeks in Lee's Summit, Missouri R7 school district have provided instructions to help "teachers effectively integrate technology into the curriculum."

PowerPoints for every subject.  Click on subject and grade level.

RUBRICS:  Premade, Premade and make your own.  More Premade and make your own. Even more Premade and make your own.

Tech IntegrationBy Education World, lessons, ideas, and tutorials for implementing technology in the classroom. 

Electronic Learning Center:  podcasts, lessons, curriculum information from state department integrate technology with online tools and resources; locate and create ready-to-use Web lessons, professional development, quizzes, rubrics, games; resources in Spanish, site of the week.

Internet4ClassroomsCreated by teachers for teachers. Updated and reorganized for easier navigation including by SPIs, lessons, quizzes, templates, links, technology tutorials, you name it! 

LearnOutLoud: Over 20,000 educational podcasts and videos for all subjects.  The vast majority of them are free.  If there's no price listed, it's free.

Learner.orgFree videos-on-demand with lessons in areas such as "Making Civics Real, Primary Sources, Teaching Geography, Reactions in Chemistry, Rediscovering Biology, Teaching Math, etc., interactive exhibits, and videos for professional development, sign up required but free.

Jefferson County SchoolsTemplates, links, assignments, lessons, classroom management, you name it!                          



Thinking Maps- Templates in word

Lesson PlansLesson plans for all subjects, all grades. 

Teaching StrategiesEvery reading, writing, thinking, and communication strategy known to man for increasing understanding and comprehension in all subjects.

ThinkfinityOver 55,000 great lessons, interactives, calculators, professional development, history calendars, all subjects and grades, aligned to national standards but state standards coming soon, easy search, sponsored by Verizon.

Intel for Education!!!! :  check out the assessments page

The Educator's Reference DeskTeacher-created and quality-checked lesson plans, 16 different subject areas, resource guides for teachers about distance learning, motivation, classroom management, counseling, libraries... etc, ERIC search

Educational Web Adventures"immersive, interactive, and in-depth adventures" for students  about the arts, natural history, engineering, earth and space science, history, health and medicine, economics, and people and cultures.   Students go on a virtual, interactive adventure through the topics.  

Collaboration Sites:  EPals, Global Education Collaborative, and Center for Interactive Learning-free site where you can look for video conferencing, blogging, and collaboration ideas with teachers and students around the world. 

Writing Across the Curriculum - great ideas for all subjects

Glencoe:  21 different subjects - online tutorials, videos, projects, activities, charts, diagrams, maps, quizzes, flashcards, vocabulary, links for teachers and students, "a gold mine" of materials and information.

teAchnology :  Worksheets, webquests, lessons, rubrics, and a TON of tech. tools    

DOWNLOAD YOUTUBE videos to your computer for future viewing.  Two simple steps>  Thanks Larry! 

Skype:  Free calls, test messages, video calls to anyone who has skype                                                                                             

Incorporate Art and Creativity in any Class with simple supplies, lesson plans too.

Qwiki:  Never make a PPT again.  Don't send students to Google.  Send them to Qwiki.

Incorporate Technology in the Classroom:  Great resources



Activities and quizzes (over 1000) for ELL students

Center on Learning, ELL resources 

¡Colorín Colorado!, a bilingual stie for families

Dave's ESL Center (resources and info)

English Language Learner Accommodations and Exclusions

Bilingual Math Dictionary

Everything ESL

Reading Rockets English Language Learners

Shelby County ESL Resources Page, ELL resources for teachers

Tennessee State ESL Website

Tenesseee ESL Standards

Science for ELL

Geography and US History for ELL

World History for ELL

365 Stories (audio and visual)

Don't forget that Gaggle and Word can translate, and, of course, so can Google.


Social Studies

The History Lab  - resources for courses, tools for students and teachers

Time Maps of the World

Hyper History - over 2000 files

Critical Past - 57,000 historic videos and 7 million photos

National Archives Docs Teach - primary-source based activities that develop historical thinking skills.

CIA World Fact Book

Zinn Education Project- over 75 free, downloadable teaching activities for middle- and high- school students to bring a people's history to the classroom. These are the best U.S. history-teaching articles from the Rethinking Schools archives. The site also lists hundreds of recommended books, films, and websites. The teaching activities and resources are organized by theme, time period, and grade level.

Hardcore History - Podcasts

News Globe - search the BBC News & Sport website and see the results mapped to the geographic location of the story on an animated globe which can be rotated to enable navigation - videos and interactives

Timelines - interactive timeline allows you to explore collection items chronologically, from medieval times to the present day.

Audio Books - free e books for history

The Web Chronicle -hyperlinked chronologies developed by the instructors and historical articles prepared by students intended for use in history classes.

Library of Congress - country studies

Earth Pulse - from National Geographic. It has a number of features, including a photo gallery and interactive quiz. Most impressive, though, is an interactive Vital Statistics Map that lets you compare global trends on many topics.state of the earth 2010