Updated 4/17- GHS Covid19 Interruption Grading Policy

GHS COVID 19 Interruption Grading policy (revised 4/17/2020)

While it is a very inconvenient time for all of us, the grading of student work during this time remains a key way of communicating to students and parents the progress they are making toward the foundational learning goals that teachers have determined.  It is not our desire for any of the events that are completely beyond the control of the students, families, teachers, school, district, state, or nation to be detrimental in any way to our students. Our grading policy (pursuant to TN. State Board of Education Covid 19 Emergency Rules 0520-01-02-17, ”Students shall receive no grade lower than the grade they earned in the course as of March 20, 2020; however, LEAs and public charter schools may provide remote learning opportunities to students as an opportunity to improve the student’s grade.) during this time is as follows:

  1.        Assignments given by teachers virtually/online will continue to be graded for feedback and mastery attainment check points.
  2.        Grades will be posted to PowerSchool weekly, so families can monitor progress and have useful, relevant conversations with their students about their learning goals.
  3.         If, during the “Distance Learning period”, the fourth nine weeks (Q4) grade is higher than the 3rd nine weeks (Q3) grade, these two grades will be averaged together for a final semester (S2) Final Grade. If not, 3rd nine weeks (Q3) grade will be used as final semester (S2) Final Grade. If a student has a Q4 ONLY ( ½ credit class) the “Distance Learning” grade will be the final grade. If a student does not receive credit for this class (fails) the course will need to be repeated (IF it is a grad requirement) and the failing grade will not be transcripted or figure in to overall GPA.
  4.        There will be no Final Exams this Semester; all students will be exempt.