Parent FAQ: Return to School

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Greeneville City Schools

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions for Parents


  • Will online learning be the same as it was in the spring of 2020?

No, in the spring of 2020 we had to shut down quickly and the primary aim of our K-8 curriculum was to review previously learned material and to prevent learning loss by continuing the learning. Our 9-12 goal was to teach the essential content for course credit. In addition, grading in the spring was dictated by special approved state regulations.

Online learning for the 2020-2021 school year will have the same rigor and expectations of our regular classrooms. Grades will be earned for the online courses as they are earned and calculated with the in-person classes.


  • Will online learning courses be taught by Greeneville City Schools’ teachers for students in grades K-8?

In grades K-8, all courses will be taught by teachers in the Greeneville City District.


  • Will online learning courses be taught by Greeneville City Schools’ teachers for students in grades 9-12?

For grades 9-12, most courses will be taught by GCS teachers, but there remains a possibility that some courses could be taught by other certified teachers if needed. GHS student course requests will be considered; however, due to staffing, not all elective courses will be offered online.


  • How many hours per day are required for online learning?

Time per day/week spent learning includes both online and offline activities, lunch, physical activity, independent reading, and more (additional information to be released soon).

Kindergarten students should spend no more than an average of 4 ½ hours per day on all learning activities. Students in grades 1-12 should spend no more than an average of 7 hours per day on learning activities.


  • Does my student have to be online at the same time each day?

Online learning offers flexibility in time of day of assignment completion. All assignments for each week will be posted by 8 AM on Monday morning and will be due by midnight on Sunday evening.


  • Will there be opportunities for synchronous (live online) learning?

Opportunities will be provided each week for synchronous learning by video meetings with the teacher and other (online) class members. If your student is unable to attend at the time the meeting is offered, the meeting will be recorded and uploaded so the student can participate in the learning.


  • Will attendance be taken for online learning?

Attendance will be taken for online learning. More specific information will be released prior to August 5.


  • Will my child have access to their teacher for help?

Yes, teachers will be available to help students. In addition to synchronous learning opportunities, students can contact the teacher through Canvas and via email. Teachers will also hold office hours that will be announced so that students can have a video call with the teacher for individual help.


  • Will tutoring be available for online students?

In addition to support from the teachers, the 21st Century Learning Grant provides tutoring opportunities for students at Highland Elementary, Hal Henard Elementary, Tusculum View Elementary, Greeneville Middle School, and Greeneville High School. A state provided Homework Hotline is also available.


  • Will online students be able to participate in sports and extracurricular activities?

Online students will be allowed to participate in sports and extracurricular activities (including band, chorus, and JROTC).


  • Will online students be able to participate in courses at Greene Technology Center?

Online students will be able to participate in-person at Greene Tecnology Center classes.


  • What is the difference between the GCS Online Learning Option and Homeschool?

For students who are enrolled in the GCS Online Learning Option, the district provides technical devices, technical support, and all curriculum and instruction. GCS teachers prepare lessons, create videos, provide some synchronous learning, assess student learning, adjust lessons to meet learning needs, and are fully supported by all departments of the Greeneville City Schools including special education and ELL services. Parents are vital partners in this work and help make sure students are on task, are completing assignments, and ask the teacher for additional help if needed.

If a parent chooses to homeschool their student, the parent is responsible for creating all lessons and all other parts of the student’s education.


  • Will special education students receive services if they choose online learning?

Special education students will be provided additional support to meet the plans set forth in their IEP’s. This includes speech/language services.


  • Will ELL services be provided for online students?

ELL services will be provided. 


  • Will all my children go to school on the same schedule (even if they go to different schools) if the district moves to the A/B Hybrid model?

Schools will work with parents to make sure that siblings attend school on the same days during the A/B Hybrid days.