GHS Students Achieve Top Rankings at TMTA District Math Contest

In Algebra I, GHS sent eight students and took the top eight places.  Only the top three students will receive a certificate for this honor and that includes:  Annika Vines (1st place), Jack Lampe (2nd place), Eady Wright (3rd place).  Other GHS students who were in the top 10 but will not receive a certificate is Drew Armbrister (4th place), Kaylee Carver (5th place), Lucas Valk (6th place), and Kyla Jobe and Abby Adkins tied for 7th place.  These students were taught by Annette Watts and Beth Ricker. 

In Geometry, Maria Adon took 1st place.  Others in the top ten were Seleena Bakshi (5th place), Skyler Zou (6th place), Emma Waddell (7th place), and Isabella Marante (8th place). 

In Algebra 2, Lanna Click (2nd place), Paul Anderson (3rd place), David Fisher (4th place), and Riley Castro (5th place).  The Geometry and Algebra 2 students were taught by Teri Wright and Cory Swinney.   

In PreCalculus, GHS sent five students and placed all in the top five which were Luke Herrell (1st place), Kaden Triebel (2nd place), Zachary Hayes (3rd place), Joshua Hyde (4th place), and Alden Wakefield (5th place).  Priscilla Wampler teaches PreCalculus. 

In Statistics, Ava Tokar (3rdplace), Kaylee Wallen (5th), Gabe Carpenter (7th), and Kamryn Wykle (10th).  Statistics is taught by Johnny Painter. 

In Calculus, Sam Ashley (1st), Kennedy Click (2nd), Erica Tocholke (3rd), Kaitlyn Adkins (4th), Masen Flaglor (5th), and Anna Johnson (6th).  Meredith Stevans teaches Calculus. 


Image - Math Winners

Image From Bottom to Top (Left to Right)

First Row: Erica Tocholke, Samuel Ashley, and Ava Tokar

Second Row: Luke Herrell, Zachary Hayes, and Kaden Triebel

Third Row: Maria Adon, Paul Anderson, and Lanna Click

Fourth Row: Eady Wright, Jack Lampe, and Annika Vines

Not Pictured: Kennedy Click