Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment Partners

We have partnerships with three different institutions to offer our students different Dual Enrollment opportunities. 
Our partners are:
  • Walters State Community College
  • Tusculum University
  • East Tennessee State University
Students will have to request a dual enrollment course with their GHS counselor when choosing courses for the upcoming year. Though a students requests a dual enrollment courses, acceptance is not guaranteed. Students must meet application requirements for the school they wish to attend. The requirements vary per each institution. You can visit each institution's website (links inserted below) to review the requirements. 
Students can apply for the Dual Enrollment Grant in order to get the tuition for 2 courses covered by the grant. It is important to note that though the tuition for the 2 courses is covered, students are responsible for the cost of books and supplies. 

Walters State Community College

Walters State Community College is a public, 2-year institution that has a location (Niswonger Campus) across the street from Greeneville High School. Students are able to take dual enrollment courses in conjunction with their regularly scheduled day at GHS. The Niswonger Campus is within walking distance, so students will be able to walk to their classes at WSCC and return for their other GHS classes.
For more information regarding current class catalogs, please visit: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cEV-Vkw-OUopL8MofdCKhbFcN203W8ny/view
If you need assistance from Walters State, you can contact:
Cindy Gilland

Tusculum University

Tusculum University is a private, 4-year institution that offers dual enrollment courses through their Pioneer Academy. These dual enrollment courses can be taken online. If a student wishes to take these courses in person, they will need to get prior approval from their counselor in order to determine the best way to avoid conflicts with other courses. 
For more information regarding current class catalogs, please visit: https://web.tusculum.edu/pioneer-academy/online-course-options/.
If you assistance from Tusculum, you can contact:
Laura Battel
423-636-7300 ext. 5074

East Tennessee State University

ETSU is a public, 4-year institution that offers online dual enrollment courses to our GHS students. 
For more information regarding current class catalogs, please visit: https://www.etsu.edu/admissions/documents/admissions_online_courses.pdf.
If you need assistance from ETSU, you can contact:
Elizabeth Graham

Will Your Dual Enrollment Classes or AP Scores Transfer? 

Each University determines what they will accept in transfer credit.  Before choosing AP or Dual Enrollment courses, check the course equivalency table for the 4 year school you plan to attend.  Don't forget to check what courses are required for your major to ensure you choose the best DE or AP course for your needs .  If the school you plan to attend is not listed below, check their webpage for specifics.
Frequently attended 4 year Institutions:
UT- Knoxville