Senior Year

Senior Conferences

We will be meeting with each senior individually to discuss their specific plans. Below is a PowerPoint of what to expect at your upcoming Senior Conference.
Seniors should have the following completed in preparation for this event:
1. Student Academic Resume (may be a draft)
2. Know yourself- Come prepared knowing what colleges or majors that may be a good fit for you. 

Major Points to Remember for Senior Year

  1. Re-take ACT to increase score
  2. Apply to 3-5 colleges of choice (on their website)- The sooner the better after Aug. 1st
  3. Complete an online transcript request for each college and scholarship application – allow one week to process.
  4. Many colleges require separate applications for academic/merit scholarships, and housing. CHECK DEADLINES on  colleges' website.
  5. Additional scholarship opportunities are available in the counseling office, GHS Website or Twitter Scholarships become available throughout the year, so check back often.
  6. Need a Recommendation Letter? Check out these tips and dont forget your resume!
  7. Fill out FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) after October 1. This is required for TN Promise and HOPE Scholarship.  
  8. Wait to receive correspondence from the college, and follow the instructions they give you—an award letter will be sent to outline cost of attending the specific college. If you have not received an awards letter in the spring, contact the admissions or financial aid office at the college to inquire.
Parents, are you wondering how you can help your senior?   Here is a parent checklist just for you!
Deciding where to go to college? 
The Department of Education College Scorecard can help you learn more important information regarding the different colleges and/or universities you may want to attend. When choosing a school, you should consider school size, average annual cost, graduation rate, as well as many other factors. The College Scorecard presents this information in an easy to read format to aid in the decision making process.