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Rising Freshmen - Class of 2025

GHS welcomes the Class of 2025
Transitioning to high school can be a stressful time and there are often many questions regarding what to expect, how the process works, etc. This page is here to hopefully address some of those questions and provide additional information. 

GHS visit to GMS during 8th grade lunches


On Monday, March 1, 2021, GHS administrators and counselors visited GMS to provide an overview of course offerings and general information. Each student was given a packet of information to review with their parents/guardians as they select their elective courses for the upcoming school year.


All current GMS students will receive recommendations for their required courses (English, Science, Mathematics, and Social Studies). If the parents/guardians disagree with the recommendations given for their students, a waiver form must be completed and returned with the course request sheet. A copy of the waiver form is located in the information packet provided to students. These waivers will need to be approved by GHS Counselors and Administrators. 


Packets will be left at GMS for all students currently enrolled in the EDGE virtual learning program. Course request sheets will need to be returned to the GMS main office by Wednesday, March 10th.


8th Grade Visit to GHS


GHS is excited to welcome 8th grade students on Friday, March 5th from 7:30 – 12:30. The day will consist of building tours highlighting academic programs, sports, and student organizations. Breakfast and lunch will be provided for all students. The goal is to help students feel comfortable as they transition from Middle School to High School. 


GHS looks forward to meeting your rising freshman and working with them next year. We believe your child can have a wonderful high school experience while he/she grows and matures both socially and academically. Together, we can make the transition from GMS to GHS a positive experience.


Helpful Resources for Families


Frequently Asked Questions about High School Courses


Below are some common questions and scenarios that may help with some questions you may already have: 


If my child starts out in a regular class but feels that he/she could handle and succeed in honors courses, can they transition to honors courses in 10th grade? 


Does AP credit count for college hours?  

The College Board's Advanced Placement (AP) Program provides college-level coursework taught by GHS teachers trained in the AP Curriculum. Each course has an exam which provides potential college credit depending on the students performance on the test.  


How long does the summer Wellness class last and when are the dates?  

Summer School dates are May 26 - June 19. Summer vacations/travel should be fine if students are communicating plans with their teachers and are keeping up with assignments.  


Does the Honors Biology 8th grade course satisfy one science credit? 



Is it required to take Biology before Chemistry? 



Will regular Lifetime Wellness conflict with chorus? 



How much time is required in the summer for Fall Band? 

Email Mrs. Williams at for band information. 


Do I still need to register my student at GHS? Or will I have to fill out registration forms in the summer like previous years? 

You will still need to do the online registration in the summer. Login instructions will be emailed to you, so make sure your email address is current at GMS. 


Does Marching Band count as a Lifetime Wellness class? 

No, but it does satisfy the 1/2 credit PE requirement that is in addition to the Lifetime Wellness credit required. 


Can students take a GTC class for personal enrichment? 

Yes, during the school day as their electives. Most 9th and 10th graders have 2 elective spots, while 11th and 12th graders usually have 3-4 electives. Online summer classes can add additional opportunities to take elective classes. 


If my student wants to take GTC classes, but is also in band, can they take both in their freshman year? 

Band takes up 2 elective spots each year, so you will want to plan on your student taking GTC classes for their 11th and/or 12th grade year(s).  


What art credit can Freshmen take?  

All students are required to earn a Fine Art credit for graduation. Freshman may request Visual Art I.  


Honors English – is summer reading required?  

Yes, summer reading is required for Honors English. Information on summer reading options and corresponding assignments is located in the Freshman Survival Packet.  


Do Freshmen have classes with upper classmen?  

Depending on the course, there is a possibility that freshman may be scheduled with upper classmen. This is more likely to occur in elective courses.