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Mandatory Tutoring FAQs


  • Who do I contact about tutoring questions?

Ms. McIntyre or call GHS at 787-8030 to leave a message with the secretary. Students can visit classroom #315 on the science floor.


  • What is the difference between mandatory tutoring and voluntary tutoring?

Mandatory tutoring is an assigned/required tutoring for a student that is not performing well academically in a class. The academic teacher requests for the student to be placed in mandatory after school tutoring until that student has progressed to earning a minimum of a C average for 2 weeks.  Voluntary tutoring is not required and is at the student's discretion to attend for extra academic support.


  • How are students assigned to mandatory after school tutoring?

Students will receive a letter that they must sign to receive.  That letter will explain the tutoring assignment as far as the class they are being placed in tutoring for, the name of the after school tutor, the classroom number of the after school tutor, and the required time they are to stay for that tutoring session (2:45pm-4:15pm.)  An additional letter is mailed home to parents so they will know about the mandatory tutoring placement.


  • How is attendance tracked for mandatory after school tutoring?

After school tutors have a student log where the student will print/sign their name and record the time they arrive and depart.  These logs are sent to Ms. McIntyre for attendance purposes.  An absence from mandatory after school tutoring will count as an unexcused absence for the entire school day, regardless if the student attended school that day or not. It is vital that students attend mandatory tutoring placements because truancy can easily become an issue. Two unexcused absences from mandatory tutoring can result in a truancy contract.


  • Is transportation provided for tutoring students?

Yes. We offer a 4:15 bus for students that live in the Greeneville City limits. To sign up for a bus, students must go to the GHS website, click on "students," and then click on "4:15 Bus."  They will enter their name and the information will automatically go to Ms. McIntyre so she can set up transportation arrangements. 


  • What if a student cannot attend?  

The student will receive an unexcused absence for the entire school day.  The only exceptions are:


1) The student can bring in a doctor's excuse and turn the excuse in to the attendance office. This will roll the unexcused absence over to an excused absence. This must be done within 2 days.


2) The student was absent for the entire school day. In this case, the student will not accumulate an additional absence for missing mandatory tutoring that same day.


3) The student has a school-related activity that conflicts with their tutoring day/time. In this case, the student MUST inform Ms. McIntyre or their tutor.  Then they must make their mandatory tutoring day up within TWO DAYS of the absence.  These 2 days MUST be within the SAME week as the missing tutoring day. For example, if a student has a ball game on Tuesday, and that student has mandatory tutoring that day, he/she must make his/her time up Monday (the day before the absence), Wednesday, or Thursday.


4) Students can not be absent on their mandatory tutoring day just because they don't want to go that day.  They will NOT be able to make their time up. Only students with pre-approved absences from school-related activities will be able to make up time.


5) Students involved in after school activities are encouraged to take a copy of their schedule to Ms. McIntyre so she can help the student arrange make up times when needed.  Mandatory tutoring takes priority over all other events.