Tutoring and Study Help

GHS offers morning and afternoon math tutoring.
Please contact either Mrs. Babb [email protected]  or Dr. Rose [email protected]  if you have tutoring questions.  You may call directly at 423-787-8051

Voluntary Morning Tutoring:

Watts_Algebra (Room 129):  Monday-Friday 6:45-7:30 AM

Painter_Upper-level math (Room 202):  Monday-Friday 6:45-7:30 AM


Mandatory and voluntary tutoring will be combined from 2:50-4:20 PM.  



Credit Recovery/Mandatory After School Tutoring/Voluntary Schedule

Painter - Upper 
Watts - Alg 1      
Babb (SD)     
Painter - Upper 
Watts - Alg 1      
Babb (SD)   
Painter - Upper 
Watts - Alg 1      
Babb (SD)     
Painter - Upper 
Watts - Alg 1      
Babb (SD)    
Painter - Upper 
Watts - Alg 1      
Babb (SD)     
Waller - CR
Comer- CR
Waller - CR
Comer- CR
MATH Rose - Math
Stevans - Upper
Rose -Math
Varnell - Alg 1
Rose - Math
White - Alg II
Rose - Math
Towe - Alg 1
SCIENCE Comer - Science Comer- CR
Comer - Science
Poulucci- Science
Propst - TOYS (2)
Comer- CR  
SOCIAL STUDIES   Hyde - All SS   Hyde - All SS  
Gilliam - ESL
N. Miller - ELA
Volunteer - Spanish
Fox - ELA    
ENRICHMENT     Comer Crafts    
 Babb                Babb                Babb             
BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION   Bragdon (1)   Bragdon (1)  
GHS offers after-school study time in the library from 2:50pm-4:20 PM Monday-Thursday for students who want to read, study, or work on homework. There is no after-school tutoring on Friday.
Mandatory after school tutoring and/or credit recovery will be assigned to students who need remediation for grades and/or credits. Students assigned to mandatory tutoring must remain until they improve their grade to a C average or better for a minimum of 2 weeks. Credit recovery students must remain until they recover their credits.
Bus transportation is provided to students that live in the Greeneville city school limits. Students must sign up for a bus each day when they sign in for tutoring in the library with Mrs. Babb or Dr. Rose.
Attendance Policy: 

Each day a student is absent from mandatory tutoring counts as a full day’s absence (4 classes) and will be enforced by Tennessee compulsory attendance laws.

GHS Tutoring FAQs


  • Who do I contact about summer school questions?

Kimber McIntyre [email protected]  (423) 787-8040


GHS Links
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TN Electronic Library Create an account using your Office 365 user name to save all of your searches.   


Discovery Education  You already have an account set up with your Office365 username.  Password is ghsdevil 


Discovery Education Assessment


EZ  Assessment






World Book Online

Test Prep
test sheet

Free online SAT practice


Tennessee Electronic Library's ACT, SAT, Advanced Placements Tests prep


Number2 - There are tutorials for each section of each ACT test. You can make your teacher your "coach", so, hopefully, they'll get emails about your "progress." The program explains why answers are right or wrong and will automatically enroll you in an optional remediation set.


Free ACT videos 


For the books below, choose a username from devil2 through devil52.  Password is ghsdevil.  If your teacher gave you a username and password, use that so any work you do will be saved. If you forgot the password and username your teacher gave you, you can use devil2 through devil22 for the username. The password is ghsdevil. Your work will not be saved, however.


  • Biology I 
    • Once you get to the site, you'll see a "passcode" in the upper right-hand corner.  Change the last number of the passcode to the chapter number you want to view. 
  • Chemistry 
    • Enter F8DFBC6584 as the access code.  Click on the Contents in Brief to select the chapter you need to go to or Page Navigator to go to the exact page.  This one can be slow loading.
  • Health 
    • Copy and paste A826966E88 as the access code.
  • German II   Deutsch Aktuell  
    • Use the password  rreswhl  to get started.
  • Latin II
  • Latin I  
    • user name= LAT12003
    • password= jeth5feb
Research and Writing Help:Research definition



Research and Writing Help


Tn Electronic Library


Resume Sites

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Great Sites for Free Homework Help in All Subjects: 

Microsoft Math - Free download with graphing calculator that plots in 2D and 3D, step-by-step equation solving, and useful tools to help students with math and science studies.


Hippocampus - video support for everything from Algebra to US AP History

  Discovery's Homework Help - videos and worksheets for numerous subjects and topics
  Homework High - a British site where you can ask a question and it searches for the answers
  High School Ace -quiz practice, lists, vocabulary, subject guides
Homework Spot - scroll down to High School on the left and choose the subject, topic, and site that will help you most
New York Public Library has a homework site.     Students, even ours, can get an account, log on, and it will save any searches.  There's math practice tests and textbooks, help with Chinese, a research guide, you name it.  The best thing is Dial-A-Teacher Whiteboard.  The Dial-A-Teacher Whiteboard was engineered specifically to help New York City youth in grades K-12, but it's open to anyone.
WallWisher. Online bulletin/discussion board?