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Yearbooks can be purchased at:  Click here.

Senior Recognition Ads can be created and purchased at: Click here. (Deadline is 11/17/2023)

Senior Retake/Makeup portraits will be on 10/18/2023.  Seniors must fill out a form at:

Senior Quotes:  Go to the Devil’s Desk in Canvas to include a senior quote for yearbook.  (Deadline is 10/6/2023)


Tentative dates:

Senior Superlative Nominations will take place on October 17-18, more information is forthcoming.

Senior Superlative Voting will take place on November 6 ONLY.

Senior Portrait Yearbook Selection-Come to Room 29 to choose a formal AND casual pose for the yearbook during the week of November 13-17.

Senior Superlative Pictures will take place on November 29.


Yearbook purchase-Go to

*****The Auctioneer 2024 is full of surprises this year!*****


Extra Coverage of EVERYONE:

  • Upload up to 10 photos of yourself or yourself with friends/family using the QR code below or go to      
    • You will be recognized by using your school email when you sign in. 
    • You will get an email from Jostens to confirm your identity before pictures can be uploaded.
  • These images will be as supplemental DIGITAL coverage in the yearbook.