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COVID-19 Related Sources

Virtual School Activities: This site provides a comprehensive list of free educational websites, virtual tours, and activities for students in all grades.
USA Today Article: This article directs you to various bookstores and book suppliers who are providing free book and audiobook downloads (Examples: Barne and Noble, Amazon, Audible) 
TED-Ed: Listen to thousands of TEDTalks all located here.
The Journal: This article provides readers with a comprehensive list of resources, which are currently free to educators and students.
Libby/Tennessee Reads: Sign up for a free digital library card and get instant access to thousands of books and magazines. 
Calendar of Virtual Field Trips: This Google Doc lists virtual field trips and live webcams you can access for free. 
Gratitude Journaling: This site gives you a step-by-step guide on how to begin gratitude journaling.