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Aug 14 Tues   Chorus Orientation at 5:00 and 7:00 p.m.  GHS Lecture Hall       Required Parents
Aug 24-28   All-East/All-State Pre-auditions for Adv 10-12 grade after school hours sign up
Aug 25 Sat.   Milligan Prep Clinic for All-State auditions Adv 10th-12th  (Milligan 8:30-12:00)
Aug 25 Sat.   Advanced Chorus Retreat 3:30-7:30 at Miller Farm  (dinner included)
Sept 15 Sat.   All-East/All-State Auditions Hardin Valley Academy, Knoxville 9:00 (selected 10-12)
Sept 16 Sun.   FALL CHORUS CONCERT  @3:00 NPAC CT 1:30   REQUIRED - All Choruses
Sept 17 Mon.   Fundraiser Kickoff-Cheesecakes and Cookie Dough
Sept 17-18 M,T   Gospel Choir Auditions - open to all GHS students and faculty by audition - after school  2:45-4:00
Sept 25 Tues.   Parent Meeting Chorus Room 6:30
Sept 28 Fri.   GHS Homecoming All students sing SSB and Alma Mater,  We sponsor dance!
Sept 30 Sun   ACDA National Honor Choir Audition Deadline (9-12)
Oct.   MUSIC DAYS  Many Useful Students In Community (students voluntarily work
    in the community for donations toward music activites, trips, All-State, etc. )
Oct 22 Mon   Pizza Inn Fundraiser  4-9 PM
???   Halloween Flashmob - Downtown Greeneville - Details TBA
Nov 6 Tues.   All-East required screening for eligible 10-12 grade 4:00 pm ETSU (time may change)
Nov 13 Tues.   Cookie Dough and Cheesecake delivery-must get product this day
Nov 15-17   TN All-East Honors Chorus in Maryville for eligible 9-12 grades
Dec 3 Mon.   Gospel Choir Final Rehearsal on NPAC stage 2:40-5:00  
Dec 5 Wed.   GHS CHORUS FINAL REHEARSAL 2:45-5:00  pm  REQUIRED -  All Choruses
Dec 6 Thurs.   CHRISTMAS CHORAL CONCERT 7:00 pm NPAC (CT 5:30 pm ) REQUIRED - All Choruses
Jan 26 Sat.    All State Screening for All-State students 10-12 Farragut HS Knoxville 12:30
Feb 2 Sat.   All State Screening Alternate date (if first date is snowed out)
Feb 2 Sat.   Women/Men in Song at Milligan Adv and WCC students
Feb 5 Tues.   Parent Meeting Chorus Room  6:30 pm
Feb  10 Sun.   MIDWINTER CHORUS CONCERT 3:00 pm NPAC Call time - 1:30 pm REQUIRED - All Choruses
Feb 11-12 Mon-Tues   Show Choir Auditions after school
Feb 14 Thurs.   Singing Valentines-Advanced Chorus and WCC  (class and after school until 5:00)
Feb 27-Mar 2 Tue-Sat   National ACDA Convention and Honor Choir - Kansas City    Mr. Varnell gone
Mar 9 Sat   Applebees Fundraiser - Times TBA
Mar  15 Fri.   J.B. Lyle Choral Festival We host-NEED HELP!  REQUIRED - All Choruses
Mar 25-29   GHS Spring Break
Apr 6 Sat   GCS Choral Showcase 5:00 pm NPAC  4:00 Call Time
April 10-13 Wed-Sat   TN ALL-STATE Select 10-12  Nashville, Opryland Hotel
April 26  Fri.   TN ACDA STATE CHORAL FESTIVAL Knox.  All eligible GHS Choirs
May 9 Thurs.   GHS CHORUS FINAL REHEARSAL 2:45-5:00  pm  REQUIRED -  All Choruses
May 10 Fri.   SPRING CHORUS CONCERT 7:00 NPAC (CT 5:30)  REQUIRED - All Choruses
May 18 Sat.   CHORUS DEPT. AWARDS PICNIC -all chorus members and families-
    Kinser Park 4-7 p.m. (covered dish-salad, side, desserts)  Details TBA
May 24 FrI.   GHS GRADUATION 5:30 CT All Choral Students Hal H Elem REQUIRED - All Choruses
Please understand this is an attempt to make available all dates that we have at this point in our school year.  Students and parents need to 
update as additional activities are added.  Please make sure we have parent e-mail so you can receive updates from We will also make use of the REMIND App. You can contact our chorus boosters at You can reach Mr. Varnell at or in the chorus office 787-8047
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