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GenYES Club

GenYES is a program that prepares powerful teams of Student Technology Leaders (STLs) in K-12 schools to work with educators, peers and IT staff to integrate technology in ways that improve student learning.



Students participating in the GenYES program are typically called Student Technology Leaders, or STLs. Art students, “techies”, students interested in community service, gifted students, and students who have IEPs all make excellent choices for STLs. A program where a variety of student interests come together makes GenYES a truly transformative addition to your school.


What Student Technology Leaders Do


STLs provide mentoring to their peers and teachers, maintain technology, and create digital content. GenYES supports these activities with 17 units of curriculum, web tools, and ongoing support for program facilitators. Each unit of curriculum includes student-driven activities and modules which focus on critical thinking, leadership, communication, and technical skills.

STLs provide a greater return on investment by increasing the effective use and efficient maintenance of technology purchased by a school while learning the valuable skills required for work and college in the 21st Century. As STLs learn and practice new skills, schools benefit by having students take a more active role in school improvement.




Technology Assistance Projects, or TAPs, are the heart of the GenYES program. STLs create a TAP when a teacher, administrator, or IT staff needs technology support. Each teacher, school, and district have their own unique technology goals and priorities, resulting in different types of TAPs emerging at every GenYES school. These different types of TAPs fall into three main categories.