Clubs meet during activity time on Wednesdays.  All students must sign in and be on time to their club.  Students not in clubs may study quietly in the cafe or have social time in the gym.  
GHS Club Meeting Schedule 2019-2020 Spring
Coloring and Doodling Ferguson 1st & 3rd Wednesday 152
Chorus Club Varnell 1st & 3rd Wednesday Chorus Room 
FCA Woolsey/Painter 1st & 3rd Wednesday Lecture Hall
First Robotics Pauley 1st & 3rd Wednesday 171
Greene Devils Baseball Club Collins 1st & 3rd Wednesday 111
Guard Club Creutzinger 1st & 3rd Wednesday Band Room 
Kitty Hawk Air Society Durden 1st & 3rd Wednesday 121
No Drama, Just Theatre Moore 1st & 3rd Wednesday 128
Book Club Caton/Wampler 1st & 3rd Wednesday 214
Student Council Ward 1st & 3rd Wednesday 154
Trivia Club Stevans 1st & 3rd Wednesday 204
Writing Club N Miller 1st & 3rd Wednesday 144
Yoga McNeese/Scheffler 1st & 3rd Wednesday Gym
Anime Club S Smith 2nd & 4th Wednesday 170
Board Game Club J Miller 2nd & 4th Wednesday 300
Chorus Club Varnell 2nd & 4th Wednesday Chorus Room 
Cyber Patriot Durden 2nd & 4th Wednesday 121
Knitting Club Leonard 2nd & 4th Wednesday 143
E-Sports Club Robertson 2nd & 4th Wednesday Tech Room in CafĂ© 
First Robotics Pauley 2nd & 4th Wednesday 171
GHS Coin & Currency  Zimmerman 2nd & 4th Wednesday 161
NHS McIntyre/Propst 2nd & 4th Wednesday Lecture Hall
No Drama, Just Theatre Moore 2nd & 4th Wednesday 128
P7 Carver/Caton/Ferguson 2nd & 4th Wednesday Library
Scholar's Bowl/Quiz Bowl/Round Robin Francis 2nd & 4th Wednesday 225
Yoga  McNeese/Scheffler 2nd & 4th Wednesday Gym