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Course Descriptions


The Business Education curriculum is designed to allow students to develop competency in business occupations and to shape students into well-informed consumers and members of the economic community.  The dual mission of Business Education is to provide students with employability skills such as teamwork, problem solving, decision-making, time and money budgeting, communication and technical skills; and to equip students with the knowledge to make wise personal and business decisions.  The Department has expanded its technology program to include various computer courses so that students will have the necessary technology skills to compete in the work force and to interact comfortably with the ever-changing world of technology.

Accounting I - (1 unit) - This course provides an introduction to the field of accounting.  The principles of debit and credit, the accounting cycle, the interpreting and recording of business transactions, and the preparation of Financial Statements for businesses are studied.   Students will have the opportunity to work through an entire accounting cycle for a business.   Automated accounting practices are used to emphasize and review the basic accounting principles.  The reasoning, organization, and decision-making skills taught make Accounting I a good course for any student planning a professional or business career. 

Prereq. - None (A good understanding of basic math skills is recommended); Grade Levels - 10, 11, 12

Intro to Business & Marketing - (1 unit) - This course is designed for students interested in acquiring introductory business and financial information for personal use or as an initial course for students planning a career in business.  Students will develop decision-making skills that will help them determine career paths, manage resources, and analyze financial statements.  Some of the topics covered will be career exploration, the economy and business, consumer rights and responsibilities, marketing, insurance and investments, and financial management.  This course fosters a fast paced environment much like the real world workforce.

Prereq. - None; Grade Levels - 9, 10

Computer Applications - (1 unit) – In addition to learning touch typing, students will learn how to use various software productivity programs.  The Business Department is currently using MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and/or alternate industry-specific programs.  Students will develop skills that will be immediately beneficial in the classroom, college and/or work environment.  This course is a prerequisite for Advanced Computer Applications.

Prereq. – None; Grade Levels – 9, 10, 11, 12


Banking and Finance – (1 unit) – This course is designed to challenge the student with real banking and financial situations through a partnership with a local financial institution that would bring resources of mentors, seminars, and hands-on experience with day-to-day operations.  Completion of this course will provide students with a basis for continuing education in finance and business administration specializing in job skills in banking and financial institutions.  Ethical issues will be presented in the course.

Prereq. – Computer Applications; Recommended Prereq. - Personal Finance, Accounting 1; Grade Levels – 11, 12


Business Management Yearbook A & B - (1 unit per term) – This course combines the study of business, computer applications, English and design to produce the Auctioneer.  Staff members will take pictures, research, interview, write and develop print worthy spreads.  Yearbook students must be able to work independently and meet deadlines.  Students are expected to work before, during and after school to meet deadlines.  Students are required to commit to one-full year (2 semesters).Yearbook is an elective credit course.

Prereq. – Admission into the program must be preapproved by the yearbook adviser and recommended by the counselors.