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About the teacher

Algebra A, Algebra B 


I graduated from Greeneville High School in 1996. After Greeneville High, I graduated from ETSU. I have a Master's degree in Special Education K-12 and an add-on degree in Mathematics 7 -12.


Seven years teaching mathematics at North Greene High School

This is my fifth year teaching mathematics at Greeneville High School.



My family is originally from upstate New York. We moved to Greeneville, Tennessee, in December of 1992. I graduated from Greeneville High School in 1996. This year is my 12th year teaching math. I taught at North Greene High School for 7 years. This is my fifth year at Greeneville High School. I have been happily married for 13 year. I have two beautiful children and one on the way. My husband is the owner of Logical Lawncare and Landscape Design. My son Mason is 11 years old and my daughter Emma is 7 years old.


Algebra 1

Classroom Materials


1.    Scientific Calculator (TI-84 or TI-84 Plus). For those students not wishing to purchase a scientific calculator; we have those available for classroom use.

               *** We encourage you to buy your own calculator***

2.    2-3 inch Binder to house all Algebra materials.

3.    Notebook filler paper

4.    2 Pens

5.    2 pencil pouches (to go in binder)

6.    Pencils (24 pack)

7.    Index Cards




·       Tissues

·       Clorox Wipes

·       Pencils

·       Colored Expo dry erase markers